A collection of Buddy the Bison's adventures


Welcome to BuddyBlog!

Hey there! My name is Buddy Bison and this blog is dedicated to all of the adventures I will be having at the National Parks across America. I’m just one of many bison buddies traveling around the world, but I’m hoping to document my experience and share the joys and wonders of this nation’s beautiful parks and public lands. I hope to encourage others to get out there and explore the nature around them, support land preservation, and help build an awareness of our National Parks.

Along the way I will also be sharing my experiences as I discover local restaurants and shops. I love to try new restaurants, especially the small “mom and pop” types of places that many tourists don’t get the opportunity to learn about. So I’ll be asking the locals for their top recommendations and seeing what I can find.

I hope you enjoy my accounts of my adventures and will be inspired to go out and have some of your own too! Bye for now…